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We mould concrete to any shape.any design.perfection.

Sai Kiran Enterprises’ is a versatile manufacturer of variety of Precast Concrete Products in South India.
Our Products

Introducing for the 1st time in India, Ornamental Concrete Poles.

Welcome to Sai Kiran Enterprises’

Sai Kiran Enterprises’ Concrete Product Division is a versatile manufacturer of variety of Precast Concrete Products like Concrete Pipes, Concrete Transmission Poles, Precast Compound Wall Systems, Precast Chambers, Precast Slabs& other allied precast concrete products.

Sai Kiran Enterprises’ Concrete Products Division has proudly participated in some of the largest public works, Under Ground Drainage, Sewer Lines, Highway Construction, Rural Electrification Schemes, APDRP Works, Telecom Projects and Asian Development Bank / World Bank assisted Infrastructure Projects in India.

For over three decades, the Sai Kiran Enterprises’ business philosophy is to offer quality products at competitive prices at the right time along with courteous customer service. It continues to promote that philosophy through innovation, hard work and an outstanding staff of production, sales, service, engineering and administrative people. All the products manufactured by us are in confirmation with the relevant ISI Standards.

Sai Kiran Enterprises’ Concrete Products Division stands for quality of life and a lifetime of quality.


Our Products

We provide engineered products for engineered applications and proudly count among our customers.

Deco Poles

DECO POLES are centrifugally spun cast. This process involves spinning the poles at a very high rpm, which produces poles with the highest density and strength to weight ratio of any concrete available.

DECO POLES offers a wide choice of a very low maintenance alternative to high maitenance painted steel, cast iron, aluminium or fiber glass poles.

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